Data Center Build

Data Center Infrastructure Build and Equipment Installation

Once you have decided on a hosting provider, the focus immediately shifts to the go-live date. You now need an experienced team to provision and install the infrastructure to make the aggressive launch date.

TANTUS is ready to quickly respond to your installation needs. We constructed a detailed implementation plan when creating your statement of work. We have finely-tuned supplier relationships and proprietary productivity tools that condense the required installation time. When you say 'Go,' TANTUS will be ready.

TANTUS will build your environment with speed and attention to detail. These capabilities include the provisioning and installation of:

  • Cabinets & Racks
  • PDUs
  • Overhead / Under-floor Cabling Pathways
  • Copper & Fiber Network Cabling
  • Grounding Systems

We will also "Rack and Stack" your server and network equipment as well as install Copper and Fiber Patch Cabling, including Custom Length Patch Cabling.

TANTUS enjoys partner status with most firms in our supply chain. Therefore, we can extend manufacturer's warranties on our installations. We fully test network cabling to ensure it meets industry specifications and provide you documentation of the results.

TANTUS Enterprises offers:

Contact TANTUS Enterprises at 1-877-4TANTUS (877 482-6887).