Data Center Operations

Operational Services

TANTUS can provide you the assistance you need to handle various operational challenges so you can focus your team on higher level tasks:

  • Re-cable network racks and server cabinets in order to accommodate growth and to reduce troubleshooting time.
  • Provide a single point of contact to install cabling to ensure they are run without taking shortcuts
  • Fulfill Move Add Change orders (MACs) so your team does not have to travel to the data center.
  • Document existing fiber and copper connectivity
  • Perform asset inventory and prepare associated documentation

TANTUS will quickly respond to your needs and provide documentation of activities. We can maintain your network cabling, install equipment, and perform planned or ad hoc MACs.

Many clients engage us to revise network connectivity and cable management to "clean up the mess" to expedite troubleshooting and provide ease of maintenance.

TANTUS Enterprises offers:

Contact TANTUS Enterprises at 1-877-4TANTUS (877 482-6887).