Data Center Design

Data Center Infrastructure Design and Validation

Most firms tackle major data center installations about every 5 years. It is likely the team that gained experience with the last installation has moved on to other responsibilities. Current staff may have enough experience to begin the design, but they are probably immersed in day-to-day operations.

TANTUS can save you weeks of invested time you would spend meeting with suppliers and researching the latest technology. We can objectively validate your current design, consult with you regarding options and trade-offs, and we can get your project moving forward.

TANTUS has experience with hosted facility space planning, equipment location, power specifications, and infrastructure recommendations including:

  • Floor plan layout
  • Rack elevation design
  • Cabinet, PDU, and other equipment recommendations
  • Network design for primary, secondary, backup, and management
  • SAN network design

TANTUS Enterprises offers:

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